1. Login to http://webmanager.scschools.net/
  2. To the right of the Sioux City Community Schools logo click "Student"
  3. Click "Student" abd select a building to view
  4.  Leave the search box blank or type and ID# or first or last name of student to view.  Once the list shows you can navigate the pages using the "Previous" and "Next" buttons.
  5. You can also click the "Search by Teacher" link to query a teacher's students.
  6. Filter the onscreen list by typing in the "Search Results" box.
  7. Click the "User" button to view the student's login information
  8. Click "View Messages" to display any messages that are associated with the user.
  9. To change student's password:
    1. Enter new password for student and click the "Change" button. 
    2. Once clicked, the screen will display the user's messages. 
    3. Use the "Back" button or the "Cancel" button to get back to the student.