All district staff members are able to email student groups.  The groups available to staff members are highlighted below.  Students and non district employees can not email student groups.


All Students

All Y3 Students

All 12 Students

All 11 Students

All 10 Students

All 09 Students

All 08 Students

All 07 Students

All 06 Students

East High - All Students

EAST HIGH Y3 Students

EAST HIGH 12 Students

EAST HIGH 11 Students

EAST HIGH 10 Students

EAST HIGH 09 Students

North High - All Students

NORTH HIGH Y3 Students

NORTH HIGH 12 Students

NORTH HIGH 11 Students

NORTH HIGH 10 Students

NORTH HIGH 09 Students

West High - All Students

WEST HIGH Y3 Students

WEST HIGH 12 Students

WEST HIGH 11 Students

WEST HIGH 10 Students


East Middle - All Students

EAST MIDDLE 08 Students

EAST MIDDLE 07 Students

EAST MIDDLE 06 Students

North Middle - All Students

NORTH MIDDLE 08 Students

NORTH MIDDLE 07 Students

NORTH MIDDLE 06 Students

West Middle - All Students

WEST MIDDLE 08 Students

WEST MIDDLE 07 Students

WEST MIDDLE 06 Students