The following series of videos is designed to help Sioux City Schools teachers with a Canvas background of how to setup their new courses and become familiar with the new features of Canvas for the upcoming school year. 


STEP 1: Customize Your Course List

This will allow you to hide any 2nd semester courses from your Courses drop-down menu.

STEP 2: Cross Listing Course-Sections 

Notes: You will need to cross list your Canvas courses IF you want your sections combined within the same course as each section is currently their own course.

** This is optional, but you cannot cross list, or de-cross list once assignment grades have been given to students **


Positives/negatives to combine: adding any activity will give automatically import it to each section / however you must assign it to each section (but can leave scores blank if not assigning it to every section)

Positives/negatives not to combine: do not have to assign every activity to each section / however you must retype or import every activity to each section individually

STEP 3: Copying Course Content To A New Course   (Follow the "Copy a Canvas Course" option)

When copying a Canvas course, the import will overwrite some of the existing course settings. We suggest you revisit the course settings after any course copy to make sure important settings are still in place.

**Be sure to follow the "Adjust Events and Due Dates" section.  It will prevent all of your Assignments from becoming immediately past due.**


Teachers may need their data storage limit increased.  Any Tech Coach will be able to increase it for you.  (Course/Settings/Edit Course Details/File Storage)


Once the import displayed the "Queued", it will run.  Do NOT re-import the same file or you will have duplicates of everything.


527 - Course Import Tool from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

STEP 4: Weighting Assignment Groups

The video below will show you how to setup your Assignment Groups and Weighting within your Canvas Gradebook.


  • All HS Courses (even for Social Studies) 
  • MP1 Exam - 10% 
  • MP2 Exam - 10% 
  • All other Assignment Groups combined- 80% 

Note for SOCIAL STUDIES Teachers: 

  • The MP1 Exam (is really your 1st 6 week exam) 
  • The MP2 Exam (is really your 3rd 6 week exam) 
  • Your 2nd week exam should be figured into the other 80% as a regular test or assignment