Excuse an Assignment


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  • Teachers can use the Gradebook to excuse a student from an assignment in their course
    • Enter EX, not included in the calculation for a student’s total grade
    • Students can no longer submit the assignment, but can see the assignment details
  • Notification to student when excused


Differentiated Assignments by Individual


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- Teachers can specify whether the assignment should be for everyone in the course, for specific sections, or for individual students

- Displays maximum of 5 sections and 7 students so you must type and search for the section or student

*assignment grade cells are grayed out for students who have not been included in the assignment.

*students can only view assignments that are assigned to them 

Assignments, Discussions, Pages, and Quizzes (Draft State)


Draft State allows content in Assignments to exist in an unpublished (draft) state. Unpublished assignments are invisible to students and excluded from grade calculations

- Save and Publish button

- Save (Draft state)

Discussions: Allow Liking option

Allows students to like replies in a discussion

- Also an Only graders Can Like option


New Support page


- When you click Help within Canvas the support page will look different now

Canvas Gradebook Icons and Colors Guide


- Guide to the different icons and colors in the new Gradebook.  Depending on how you grade assignments, you will see different icons or colors.