Set up email on iPhone/iPad

  1. On the iPhone or iPad press the Settings icon
  2. Press Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Press Add Account
  4. Press Microsoft Exchange
  5. Email: enter your email address (for ex.
  6. Server:
  7. Domain: do not enter anything here
  8. Username: type your email address
  9. Password: enter your SCCSD account password
  10. Description: do not enter anything here
  11. The server will automatically populate. Press Next. If the server field is blank, contact the Help Desk.
  12. Ensure mail, contacts, and calendars are turned on for synchronization
  13. Return to the home screen and access your email. It will take several minutes for email to start showing up.
  14. The default setting is to synchronize only 3 days of email.
  15. If you would like more email stored on your device click Settings and press "Mail Days to Sync" and select desired days to synchronize mail. No limit may bring over very large amounts of data.