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What is Infinite Campus Parent Portal?1

Getting an Account 1

Getting Logged In2

A Quick Tour of the Infinite Campus Parent Portal 5

Online Verification6



  • What is the Infinite Campus Parent Portal?
  • Getting an account
  • Getting logged in
  • Quick Tour of the Infinite Campus Parent Portal
  • Online Verification

What is Infinite Campus Parent Portal?

The Infinite Campus Parent Portal is a tool parents and guardians can use to update contact information (important for us to contact you!) and for you to access information about your student’s progress with the Sioux City Community School District.  Your Infinite Campus Parent Portal will provide you with each of your students’ schedules, grades, attendance and more.

Getting an Account

Parents and guardians are given usernames and passwords to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  It was not always that way, so if you do not have (or do not remember) an Infinite Campus (IC) username and password, we can help you get set up.

If you do not have, or do not remember your username and password, please contact the school where your students are to attend.  If you are a new parent (have not yet registered a student) or your students are not attending a school (virtual or home school), contact Central Registration at or (712)279-6739.

Your account will consist of a username and a password.    

Please be ready with an email address that we can use to contact you and to help you with forgot usernames or password or usernames.



Getting Logged In

This documentation is to show the parent the path to log into the parent portal.  

  1. Go to the Sioux City Community School District’s web site at
  2. Click on Quick Links at the top of the page.
  3. Click on Infinite Campus.


  1. Click on Campus Parent.

  1. Log in with username and password.

If you forgot your password then click on the “Forgot Password” link.  

Enter your username and click submit.  You will receive an email with directions.



If you forgot your username then click on the “Forgot Username” link.  Enter your security email address (the one you setup when you first logged into Infinite Campus) and click submit.  You will receive an email with directions.

Still need help logging in?  You can do one of the following:

1)  Contact your student’s building.

2)  Or contact Central Registration at or (712)279-6739.



A Quick Tour of the Infinite Campus Parent Portal

For a more detailed explanation of this area please see the Infinite Campus Parent Portal Reference Guide.

When you do get logged in, you will see a screen like the following:

If a tool is specific to a single student, such as Grades or Schedule, a student dropdown list displays in the top right corner. This dropdown list does not display for tools that are not student specific like Announcements.

On the left side of the screen is the ‘left navigation menu’.  This menu has the following options:

  • Message Center – includes announcements and messages from teachers.
  • Today - shows schedule for the current day and A/B rotation.
  • Calendar – shows full schedule with A/B rotation.
  • Assignments - elementary students only.  High school and middle school use Canvas.
  • Grades - high and middle school in-progress grades are pulled from Canvas 3 times a day and put in the ”Progress Report” grading task.  Elementary standards are listed.   
  • Attendance - shows the absents and tardies of a student.
  • Schedules – show your student’s schedule as well as the A/B Day Rotation. (Not elementary) If you click on the course you will find the teacher’s email address too.
  • Fees - list of fees for your students.
  • Reports/Documents - schedules, report cards, and unofficial transcripts.
  • More - in this section there are several areas such as family information, immunizations, lockers, assessments, and Online Verification.  Some of these can be updated for example cell phone numbers and emergency contacts.




Online Verification

Online verification is a very important step to get your student(s) registered for the new year.  This step is required every year to confirm information about you and your student(s).  You will have access to Online Verification in July.  You are not able to do Online Verification more than one time per year.  In the Fall, just before school starts, you will be provided access to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal to edit information.

To start Online Verification, get logged into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal and on the left navigation, click on “More”.  There will be another menu and one of the options on that menu will be “Online Verification”.  Online Verification has several screens and we have a separate document that leads you through completion.