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The Sioux City Community School District is providing students in grades 2-12 a laptop to support their education.  There will be times when your student will be working from home – for homework or to continue learning when school is not in session in the school building.  This document assumes you have your system working from home including being able to log in and browse the Internet.  This document will lead you through the basics of preparing for remote learning, including:

  • Log into Clever
  • Log into Teams
  • Join an Online Class (Teams Meeting)
  • Basic tasks in an Online Class
  • Where to get help

Before going further, make sure you have your email address and password.  Share that with a parent and put it in a safe place.  You will need that through the following process!  We will sometimes refer to username.  The username is that portion of your email address that comes prior to the @.

Clever – Get Access to Content and Programs

Another very important action you will want to take after getting your system running is to get into Clever.  


Clever is a company that provides a ‘landing page’.  A page that has most of the tools you will use as a student.  It is one place to go to access your educational content and applications.  The other feature of Clever is that in some cases (not all!) Clever will use your Clever badge to get you into applications – so you do not have to set up and remember usernames and passwords for all different applications.


To log into Clever you will tap the Clever icon located in the dock at the bottom of the screen.



The first screen students will see is the Clever badge camera.  In the top right corner, students can toggle between the front-facing and back-facing camera.




The front-facing iPad camera is located at the opposite end of the Home button.


Once the badge camera appears, students will need to hold their badge up to the camera on the iPad.



This will take you to your personalized landing page, presenting you with tools for your education.



Let’s Start Learning! - Get into Teams (online classes)

Yea!  We have our District device, we have connected to the network, we are logged in and we have access to content and programs!  Now, how can we get into a class?


From the Home Screen (you can get there by clicking on the home button until you see the following screen) click on the Teams icon which is at the bottom of the screen (they call that the ‘dock’).






After clicking on the Teams icon you you may be presented with a screen that looks something like this (there may be more ‘stuff’ in on the screen, but the menu items along the bottom and top should look similar). This indicates that you are already logged in.  Your school may have helped you get logged in.

If you do not see this screen, want to make sure you are logged in, or just want to log out and/or log in, please see the addendum “Logging out and Logging in to Teams on an iPad”.



Your teacher may give you additional directions, but on the bottom of the teams app will be a “calendar” icon.  When you click on that icon you will see a calendar and if there are any classes scheduled, they will show up on your calendar.  If it is time for the class (or 5 minutes before) a “Join” button will show up on your calendar.


Tap the Join button to join the Teams Meeting

The Teams app may ask to use the camera.  Tap OK




Next, you will be presented with a settings screen where you can choose to have the camera and/or microphone on or off before joining the meeting.  When you are ready to join, tap Join now to enter the meeting




When you attempt to join the meeting, you may get a screen that looks like this.  This is because the teacher has not started the meeting or needs to ‘admit’ you to the meeting.






When you are admitted to the class, you will see your teacher, or several classmates, or a presentation that your teacher has on the screen.





Basic tasks in an Online Class

Now that we are in our class, let’s look at some of the tasks we can perform during our class.  For the most part, you will be participating with your teacher and other classmates!  That will consist of watching the screen to see your classmates, teacher and presentations the teacher may be showing you.  While this is happening, you will not see any ‘menu’ items (see the previous picture).  To perform any tasks, you need a menu to pick from.  You can get the menu to come up by just touching the screen.  A menu like the following should pop up. 

The Camera and Microphone icons are shown as disabled in the picture above.  If you do not see the icons above, tap on the screen and the menu should pop up.

Turn On/Off Your Camera

Typically we want to see your smiling face, and that can be done by making sure your camera is on.  In the image above, there is an icon that looks like a movie camera.  If it has a line through it the camera is off.  By clicking on it (touching it) the line should go away and your camera will be turned on.  Feel free to try turning on and off.  

Turn On/Off Your Microphone

For the teacher to hear you, you need to turn the microphone on by using the same technique.  Typically, your microphone will be off so we can listen to others in the class.



Raise Your Hand

There may be times when you want to get your teacher’s attention or “raise your hand”.  This feature is hiding behind the “More” button which is the three dots (“…” see image below).  If you click on the three dots, you will see another menu and “Raise your hand” is one of those.  If you click (touch) it, it will raise your hand and your teacher will be notified.  You can lower your hand by doing the same thing (click on the “…” and click “Lower your hand”).

Leave the Meeting

To leave the Teams Meeting, tap the red Hang up button.



Logging out and Logging in to Teams on an iPad


Logging out of Teams


After clicking on the Teams icon you MAY be presented with the Teams interface. This indicates that you are already logged in as someone.  If you would like to check to see if it is you who is logged in, click on the ‘hamburger icon’ (three vertical lines) in the upper left.



You will be presented with the following menu.    Click on the “Settings” menu.    Check the name at the top – if it is you, you are good to go! 

If it is not you, please log off of that account.  Start by clicking on the Settings.






You will be presented with the following.    Click the “Sign out”






Logging into Teams


After signing out, you will be presented with the list of users that have logged into Teams on this device.  If the account your account is presented, click on it.  If not click “Sign in with another account”.






Type in the full email address (not just the username) and click “Sign in”.  You will be presented with the following screen.






Type in the password and click “Sign in”.  





You should be presented with the following screen that shows that you have successfully logged into Teams.



Where to get Help

Technology is technology and does not always work the way we want it to!  So where do you go for help?  

Look for a Solution in the Help Desk

First stop is our help desk web site where we have been collecting issues and solutions.  You can search for a solution there.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Solutions tab first to see if you can resolve the issue without creating a ticket.  At “How can we help you today?” type the problem you are having and click Search.       Look at the solutions.  If you are unable to fix the problem create a ticket.








Help Documents for Elementary Students using Laptops


Enter a Help Desk Ticket

If you were not able to find a document that would help solve your problem you can enter a help desk ticket into our system.  Tickets will be assigned to techs who will help you with a resolution.  Here is how you create a help desk ticket.

  1. Go to
  2. Click New support ticket








  1. At Requester, type your email address and your name on the second box.

  1. At Problem, type a brief description of the problem


  1. Choose your school (even if you are learning online from home)


  1. At Room Number or Area (Staff & Teachers) type Home if you are learning online from home and a phone number where you can be reached.



  1. At Customer, choose Student




  1. At Issue, choose an issue from the dropdown arrow


  1. At Description, type a detailed description of the problem and what you have done to troubleshoot.






  1. Click Submit.  Your ticket will be automatically assigned to a technician who will contact you.




Give us a Call

Thirds stop is to call our help desk number (712)279-6803.  We will try to help you out or direct your call.  We have people answering that phone from 7AM to 4PM.  If you do receive a message, please leave us a voice mail with your name, student ID and a description of your problem and we will get to it as soon as we can.