1. Make sure the Pen and the Mobi are fully charged.

2. Push the pen all the way into the slot until it "clicks”.

3. When you plug the Mobi in, you should see the pen icon charging.

4. If your pens are charged, it may be a connection issue. You may need to re-sync the Mobi to the computer by following these 3 steps:

a. Turn Mobi on

b. Press blue button on back of Mobi

c. Press blue button on grey receiver in laptop.

d. You should then see an icon that resembles a Martini Glass in the bottom left


5. Take a working pen from a DualBoard to trouble-shoot. If that pen works on the Mobi, then something is wrong with the Mobi Pen. If the working pen does NOT work on the Mobi, then the Mobi has the issue.