Guest wireless internet access is available at all of the districts High Schools, Middle Schools, along with the following buildings: Harry Hopkins, ESC, Irving preschool, Liberty, Nodland, Spalding Park, Clark, and Sunnyside.




You will need to follow the instructions below:



  1. Go to the main office and ask the building secretary for a wireless guest internet access coupon. It will have a guest user name and password that will be valid for that day. The user name and password is case sensitive.
  2. You will need to associate/connect to the VISITOR wireless network. Depending on your laptop or mobile device, this will vary.
  3. Once you are connected to the VISITOR wireless network, if you are not automatically presented a login page, open a web browser where you should be prompted for a guest user name and password.
  4. Enter in the user name and password you were provided and you will be authenticated and now have internet access.