1. If you are a teacher and you are moving to a different classroom or building . . .

  • take your laptop and power adapter with you

  • you can’t take student computers or any classroom equipment (audio enhancement systems, microphone chargers, Mobi’s, document cameras, and responders) to your new classroom. In fact it would be helpful if you would find all of your equipment, cords, receivers, etc. and put them in a box for the new teacher.

  • ask the Librarian at the new building to change the location of your laptop in the inventory system.

  • contact the Help Desk (279-6803) or helpdesk@live.siouxcityschools.com) to change the name of your laptop if you move to a new building.

  • If you are a teacher and you are leaving the district put your name and building onto two tags and tape a tag onto your laptop and a tag onto your power adapter. On your last day turn in your laptop and power adapter to the Registrar. The Tech’s will pick them up on May 29.