Infinite Campus **Good thing to know**. If you or a user experiences "searching issues" you may need to clear your internet cache. Here is how to clear your internet cache using Firefox. Searching issues example is searching for a student that you know exists but does not appear. Other users can search for the same student and do not have issues.

In Firefox locate the menu bar at the up most left of Firefox browser. (File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, Help).

If your menu bar is not visible you have to RIGHT click at the very top of Firefox screen. click Menu Bar from shortcut menu and menu bar will appear in top left of Firefox.

1. From menu bar in Firefox click Tools then click OPTIONS
2. From the options dialog box click the "Advanced" button.
3. Click Network tab
4. Click "Clear Now" buttons. There are two. One for Cached Web Content and Offline Web Content.
5. Click OK

Attached is a file with step by step instructions and screen shots.