The majority of the student laptops have received the Windows activation key.  There will be a few that didn’t.  Depending on network traffic it could take 5 minutes or longer to update.  It will only update if it’s connected to the district’s wireless network.  If a student takes a laptop home that didn’t get a chance to activate Windows, they will still be able to use Windows.

a. How do you tell if it’s not activated?  You will see this message in the lower right hand corner "This copy of Windows is not genuine".  If you don’t see this message it’s activated and you don’t need to do anything.

b. How do you activate?  Students should turn on their laptop, logon to the network, and leave it on at least 10 minutes to give it time to activate.  If they don’t wait long enough to activate Windows before they leave, Windows will still work.  They’ll see the error message but it won’t affect anything.  When they return on their first day back they should turn on laptops right away to get the update.