1. When installed, the settings for your projector were optimized for your laptop. Occasionally, users inadvertently change the settings. DO NOT ADJUST THE PROJECTOR. The adjustments are done through the computer.

a. Two common changes that affect the projection is the screen resolution and aspect ratio:

i. Make sure your laptop's graphic properties settings is 1024x768. (Your computer may tell you that it is not the best resolution, but it is the necessary setting for the Dual Board.)

1. To check the settings, right-click on your desktop, choose "Graphic Properties."

2. For the newer Dell Laptops (Metallic case) there are also a couple additional steps.

a. Right-click on your desktop and choose "Graphic Options."

b. Select "Panel Fit."

c. For "monitor" it needs to say "maintain display scaling."

d. For "built in display" it needs to say "scale full screen."

ii. On the projectors white remote and click on the "aspect ratio" button. Most boards use either the "normal" or "through" setting.