If you click this, it must have a goal, which requires regular allocation of minutes per week or month with monitoring. This should be used when the service is needed for the student using an assistive technology device.


Assistive Technology on page F under activities, you will list the materials/programs that students need. Here are a few Assistive Technology examples that are utilized frequently in the SCCSD:

Text to speech (An example of this is Kurzweil)

Speech to text (Examples of this are Dragon Naturally Speaking or the free version that is used within Windows 7)

Word Prediction (Examples of this are cowriter or word-Q)

Occasional trouble shooting of AT device

If you are wanting a longer list, please click on the icon to access the SETT form which provides a detailed list of other AT tools. (This can be found by clicking on the icon \\files\home and opening the Special Education folder that is stored there. If you are unable to find the form, please let me know and I will email it to you.