How do teachers copy their assignments from one class to another class?

To copy assignments from one course to another, this can be done in the Planner area of Campus Instruction beta. 

The following steps are a summary of how to accomplish this task.  For more detailed direction see Detail section below.
1. Go to Planner, leave it on curriculum planner 
2. Click on the course you want to copy to or from. 
3. Select copy assignments to or from this section 
4. Select the destination and follow the process to copy the assignments. 


Detailed Directions:
1)  Go to Planner, leave it on curriculum planner and click on the course you want to copy from.

2) Click on copy assignments from this section.

3) Make sure the correct calendar is selected.

4) Make sure the correct class to copy from is selected.

5) Click on the assignment(s) to be copied.

6) Select the course the assignment(s) will be copied to:

7) Click NEXT

8) Make sure the information is correct.

9) Click on Copy

10) When you go to your grade book and look for the assignment it should show that it is copied and ready to be scored.

Congrats you have copied assignment(s) to another class.