Directions for staff and students



There is now a customized link just for SCCSD listed below that you must use to access Pearson Realize: (you may want to copy and paste this link into your Canvas course





You must also follow the requirements listed below to login to Pearson Realize.


Staff username: (district username)   Example:  georgej

Staff password: Staff(district employee#)  Example:  Staff1234


Student username: (district username)  Example: selfa21

Student password: Student(district student#)  Example: Student54321



To setup your Pearson Realize course: (repeat steps for each class)

1. Click Add Products to the far right of the course row

2. From the Platform dropdown, select Realize

3. Check the box to the left of the product you want to add for your course

4. Click Save

5. Click the product that was added below your course name

6. Another browser window will open, answer the following questions

a. Grades you teach

b. Programs you teach (pre-selected)

c. What is your name

d. Pick profile icon

e. Pick background image

f. Check I agree box

g. Click Let’s Go


Students will then be able to access your course.  They will login with the link above.  Then click the product you added below your course name and finally and answer a few of the same questions before accessing the course.


Your roster in Pearson Realize will be automatically updated after today.


Pearson Customer Support: 1-800-234-5832