EHS Lesson Plan setup in Canvas

Import EHS Lesson Plan page to your own course

  • Open any course in Canvas
  • From the top right: click Import from Commons
  • In the Search by tag, name field: type in EHS Lesson Plans and press your Enter key
  • Click the blackboard Lesson Plans icon labeled with EHS Lesson Plan in blue below
  • On the right in the Import into Canvas field, select the course(s) you want to import the page into, then click the green Import into Course button
  • Go back to your Canvas by click the SCCSD logo in the top left

Create link on Lesson Plan button

  • Open the course you imported the Lesson Plans page to
  • From the left, click Pages
  • Click the Lesson Plans page
  • On the top right, click Edit
  • Click the blackboard icon Lesson Plans once so it is highlighted
  • On the right, under the Links tab and beneath Pages, select Lesson Plans
  • Scroll down and click Save
  • Click the Edit button
  • Click the Lesson Plans button once so it is highlighted
  • Right-click and select Copy (NOT Copy link address nor Copy image)
  • On the left, click Pages
  • Open your homepage and click Edit
  • Paste the copied button on your homepage
  • Scroll down and click Save

How to add weekly lesson plan document to Lesson Plans page

  • On the Lesson Plans page, click the EHS Common Lesson Plan template to download it to your computer
  • Save this document in a memorable location as you will need to access it on a weekly basis.
  • Edit the EHS Common Lesson Plan template in MS Word
  • Save as “Week 1”, continue to add one to the number for each consecutive week
  • Open your Lesson Plans page in Canvas and click Edit
  • At the very top left of the page, click once to place your cursor
  • On the right, click the Files tab
  • At the bottom of the Files tab, click +Upload a new file
  • Click the Choose File button
  • Locate your current “Week __ “ document and click Open
  • On the right below the Choose File button, click the Upload button\
  • A document link should appear at the top of you page
  • Scroll to the bottom of your page and click the Save button
  • Please put your most recent Lesson Plan document at the top of the document so Week 2 would be above Week 1

Create a Page

How to set a FrontPage for your Canvas course

Canvas FrontPage requirements checklist