Final Grade Override instructional video

*Fix for Final Grade showing F video

High School Teachers

A Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grading policy will be used for all high school courses, except concurrent enrollment courses.  If you are a teacher of a concurrent course, then enter grades as you normally would.

Final grades will be entered into Canvas. There will be an “Override” column in the Canvas gradebook and this is where final grades will be entered.

A Pass will be entered as a 1 (numeral one). A NP will be entered as a 0 (zero) in the Override column.

Open Grades

Open Grades

In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.


Open Gradebook Settings

Open Gradebook Settings

Click the Settings icon.


Select Final Grade Override

Select Final Grade Override

In Gradebook Settings, open the Advanced tab [1] and then click the Allow final grade override checkbox [2]. Click the Update button [3].


Enter Override Grade

The override column displays at the far right of the Gradebook. 

  • Enter 1 for every student that will receive a Pass
  • Enter 0 for each student that should receive a No Pass
  • To delete an overridden grade, click the grade cell and click the Delete key.

FIX FOR "F" grades (optional)

If the teacher’s course shows “F”s in the gradebook instead of a “0” or “1”, then the teacher will need to do the following.


  • In the Course, select Settings
  • Under Grading Scheme, uncheck the “Enable course grading scheme” checkbox
  • Click Update Course Details (at the bottom)