The following is to help inform instructors on how to proctor students using Microsoft Teams during LockDown Browser required exams. Currently, it is only possible for students to use Windows and Mac devices with Microsoft Teams for Lockdown Browser required exams.

How to setup the Video Call (Directions for instructors):

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams application. Click on “Teams” in the left menu and select a team.

  2. Select the “Meet” button that has as a camera icon in the top right of the screen and select “Schedule a meeting”

  3. A New meeting window will appear. Title your meeting and click Send.

  4. Note that as students try to enter the meeting, you may need to select the “Admit” button that appears, so the student is permitted to join the meeting. 

How to join the Video Call (Directions for students):

1. After receiving the video call meeting link from your instructor, open it by clicking on it or copy and paste it in the URL address bar within a regular browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or


  • A pop-up window may appear asking your to open the app. Students should click the Cancel button if wanting to open meeting in the web browser.  Else click the "Open Microsoft Teams" button to open the meeting in the Team app.

  • To open the Teams meeting in the web browser select the "Continue on this browser" button.


The Webcam and Microphone:

To ensure the webcam is setup correctly, students should close any additional programs that may also use the webcam or microphone. Otherwise, the student may receive an error about the webcam not being available for use. Students should ensure their webcam & microphone are enabled and working properly before starting their exam.

We also recommend students mute or turn down their computer volume while they take an exam, since they will be able to hear the audio of other students taking the exam through their microphone and may be distracting. If students have difficulties during the exam, they can turn up their volume, close LockDown Browser, and locate the underlying video call in order to contact their instructor.

How to select which webcam and microphone to use:

  • Click on the 3 dots on the toolbar and select “Show device settings.” Then from the side menu that appears, select your microphone & camera.

During the Exam:

After students ensure their webcam and microphone are working properly, they should then launch LockDown Browser to access their exam.

Students using Windows or MacOS will have an overlay of controls if using the Desktop version of

Microsoft Teams for turning on/off their webcam, microphone, or screen share. Students should avoid using the overlays during the exam. Below are the overlays that appear.

If students try to access the overlay during an exam within LockDown Browser, it will disappear.

This means the student will not be able to enable/disable their microphone or webcam once within the exam.

Once the student has finished the exam, they can close LockDown Browser and return to the underlying video call with their instructor in the web browser or application.