These directions can be helpful for a student transferring from your class.

From your Gradebook, click the student's name.  If you cannot see the student because the student has already left, then you will need to "Show Concluded Enrollments" first.

Open Student Name Menu

Hover over the Student Name column header and click the Options icon.

Show Concluded Enrollments

To view inactive enrollments, select the Concluded enrollments link.

Access Grades via Student Name

Click the name of the student.

View Context Card

To view a student's grade page from the context card, click the Grades button.

View / Print Student Grades

Click the Print button to print or Save as a PDF.

In the Grades page, you can see how a student views their grades in the course. Students can view the name of the assignment [1], the due date [2], the assignment status [3], the score or assignment submission type [4], the total number of points for the assignment [5], and any comments [6] and rubrics [7].

If allowed, the student can view distribution graphs in the assignment scoring details [8], as well as his or her total grade and assignment groups in the course.

Notes: The student's grades shown in the Grades page may vary from the grades shown in the Gradebook. The student's Grades page is affected by hidden assignments, outstanding manually graded quiz questions, weighted assignment groups, and weighted grading periods. The Gradebook always contains the most current and accurate information about a student's current grade.