1. Open the internet and go to your school’s MyConferenceTime site
  2. Towards the top left, click Staff Login
  3. Enter your school district email address
  4. Enter your password

Navigating through MyConferenceTime

  1. All of your buttons to do different things are along the left hand side
  2. Here are a few that you will need to get familiar with
    1. New Schedule- Here is where you create all schedules for a given event. One schedule can handle all the different days for a conference period. Example- Spring 2015 conferences are on a Monday and a Tuesday. You would create 1 schedule and have conference slots listed for both dates.
    2. Your schedule- Look at the schedules you have created, here is where you can edit and make changes, add time slots, removes slots etc.
    3. Copy a schedule (both the normal and Fast) - This allows you to create 1 general schedule then quickly copy that schedule over to all teachers.
    4. Staff Account List- this section allows you to see which schedules are assigned to a teacher, and allows you to delete a user if they leave your building.
    5. Add User- this is where you can add new teachers as they enter your building. First name, last name, email address, and 6 digit password.
    6. Set Display Order- By default, this program puts all teachers in order alphabetically. This allows you to reorganize the list by grade level making it easier for parents to find the teacher they need. (Simply click, hold, and drag the name of the teacher in to whatever order you like.)
    7. Date Summary- This section allows you to do a few things. But the biggest thing here is with a couple clicks, you can send an email reminder to all parents that signed up for a conference time, a reminder of when their conference is.
    8. Schedule Summary- This section allows you to-
      • hide the conference schedule from parents until you are ready for sign up, then quickly switch to visible when you are ready for parents to begin signing up.
      • Once parents have signed up, allows you to create pdf’s of teacher’s schedules with times and names. This pdf can be emailed so you can save on print cost.