SD card, USB, Thumb Drive, Memory Stick, External Hard Drive, etc) 


  • Place your personal storage device into the correct port on the side of your computer (SD goes into SD slot, USB and others into USB port). 
  • Give your storage device a moment to configure or “talk” to your computer.  Sometimes this takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes. 
  • Open your File Explorer.


  • Look for your files that are personal files.  These could be in the Desktop, downloads, documents, music, photos, or videos files.
  • Open those files one at a time.  If you choose to move several files at once, I suggest maybe 10 at a time.  If you are moving video files or extremely large files (like a whole book or a large folder of pictures)then do one at a time.
  • Place your cursor over the file you want to move.  Right click and then click cut.
  • Move your cursor to your personal storage device and right click and then click paste.
  • Click on your personal device to make sure your file is there.   

You can also view a video with instructions to move your personal files.  Click the link.