Returning old outdated (not in current use within the district) text books to the warehouse for the purpose of selling or proper recycling


  • Textbooks must be placed in corrugated boxes, no larger than 20Hx20Dx24L box.
  • Box must be either taped or folded to prevent books from falling out.
  • District may be able to provide boxes to locations pending availability. Please contact Troy Thomas or Doug Evans for availability
  • All boxes must be marked or labeled showing; ISBN number (10 digit or 13 digit number), title of book, publisher of book and quantity of books contained in the box.
  • If multiple boxes, please include how many boxes contain the same books.(i.e. 1 of 10 boxes)
  • O/M prefers the boxes to be on pallets, but this is not mandatory

When you have the boxes prepared, please create a New  Support Ticket on Fresh Desk for Instruction to determine pickup availability.

  • We will use Fresh desk to communicate pick up times and locations(s)