MyConferenceTime is an easy-to-use, online parent-teacher conference scheduler developed by FislerData, LLC.

This tool was found by our Tech Coach team and was implemented at one of our schools and the solution has spread. 

Because of the ease-of-use of this tool and the number of tools supported by the Technology Department, we ask that you work with the self-help resources (first!) and if you are still having difficulty, contact MyConferenceTime for support.

Support Resources

The company, FislerData, has provided some very good online resources. Here is a good place to start:

In addition, Laura Miller developed some sample documents and videos:

  • A template letter that you can send to parents with instructions on how to schedule their conference.
    •  Dear ParentsLetter - see attached below!
  • A quick reference for administrators to help log in and navigate through MyConferenceTime.
  • Video on MyConferenceTime Logging in and Blocking Time Slots - see attached below!
  • Video on Remove Student and Open up a Time Slot - see attached below!
  • Video on Signing Up a Student for a Conference - see attached below!

Frequently Asked Questions

If a parent calls or writes and says, “I don’t have a computer,” or “ I don’t know how to do this.” What do I do?......

  1. Go to www.myconferencetime.com/spaldingpark and you can sign up for them
  2. You don’t need to log in as you to do this, just pretend you’re the parent
  3. Follow the directions on the parent letter for signing up a single child for a conference, or multiple kids
  4. Let the parents know when their conference time is.

If a parent calls or writes and needs to cancel their conference that they signed up for.  What do I do?......

  1. Ask the parent if they have the original email confirmation. There is a link in that email to cancel.
  2. If they don’t, log in to your school’s MyConferenceTime site using your school email and your password
  3. Along the left hand side, click Staff Account List
  4. Find the teacher of the child that needs a conference canceled, in the middle of the row it says View Schedules, click on it and the teachers schedule appears with kids names in the time slots
  5. Find the child and time slot you need to cancel, put a check in the check box next to the students name, then click the trash can next to the kids name
  6. A big black box appears on the next screen that says Click to remove and make conference available to others, click it (You may need to save but I don’t think so)
  7. To sign them back up for a different conference, go back to the first set of instructions on this sheet.

A Teacher is not able to log in; Teachers not receiving emails; Teachers in Multiple Buildings 

If a teacher is in multiple buildings, they might run into a problem where they can't log in to one of the buildings. For this issue you will need to open a ticket with MyConferenceTime (see below) and request that they merge accounts. Merging is usually the solution when a staff member says that they are logging in but still unable to view/edit their schedule.

If teachers are not receiving emails, please open a ticket with MyConfenceTime.

When you open a ticket, please provide information about the teacher (name, email and what buildings the teacher needs access to).

Contacting MyConferenceTime

After exhausting ALL of the above :-)...