The Career and Technical Education departments and the Career Academies will be handling the purchasing of materials, equipment, technology, software and other items using the Instruction Icon found on your desktop. This process will be used for any teacher requests and then the request will be transferred to the correct purchasing approval process. All purchase requests for Perkins or District funds that would traditionally been requested through the head teacher will be filtered through this process.

1. Who should submit the electronic material request through the Instruction Fresh Desk?

Any CTE teacher that would like to request materials, service or supplies for their classroom should use this website to create a ticket.

2. How do I create a ticket?

· First you would want to create the purchase requisition. The blank form can be found under Instructional Materials in the Career and Technical Education section. When you have the requisition form filled in you would then save the requisition to be able to attach it to the ticket.

You will click on the circle with the plus sign on it in the upper left corner to create the “NEW SUPPORT TICKET. You can fill in the information in the blanks and attach the requisition at the bottom of the page under the description box where it says “ATTACH A FILE.”

3. What information should be included with the ticket?

For an order from an outside company a purchase requisition should be filled out and attached to the ticket. You would open the requisition, fill in the information including your name, your school, your class, vendor, item description, quantity, and all other pertinent information. Please locate the vendor and be as detailed as possible with the item information on the request.

If the request is for something that might be located at another school, please first check with the other teachers in your department or school prior to submitting the request ticket and indicate that you have done so on the ticket.

The budget code can be entered if you know the correct budget code or can be left blank.

4. What happens to the request once it is submitted?

Each request is reviewed and transferred though the appropriate approval process based on the type of request.

5. Who will order the item?

This will vary based on the request and information will be given with the response to the ticket to let you know if and how the item will be purchased.