19 May Update

Greetings!  Before everyone turns their attention to summer activities I wanted to provide an update on where the district is at with our migration from Pinnacle to Infinite Campus.  The migration is already impacting many staff members today and will touch nearly everyone when we start school this fall.


To date over 95% of the information in Pinnacle has been successfully moved to Infinite Campus.  All enrollment records, students records, contacts, course records, transcript data, and other items have been migrated.  Current year ITBS scores are in and will be working on bringing over past year scores during the summer.  All told the migration has seen the successful move of over 6,100,000 records of all types!

Infinite Campus is currently in full operations behind the scenes in all of our buildings. We have built and finalized 2014-15 schedules for High School / Middle School in infinite campus.Elementary scheduling will be finished before school is out this week. We are even conducting other business such as assignment lockers at some buildings.

We have had numerous training sessions over the winter and spring.Additionally the district sent a large contingent to attend the Iowa Infinite Campus user’s group in April.  Nearly 50% of all districts in Iowa are using the Infinite Campus System and provide a wealth of information and great contacts for any issues we face.


We have completed integrations with all third party products such as our Lunch System, Calling System, and other applications with final testing completed after the summer go live.  We are in the process of finalizing integration with Canvas. One item of interest is that at this time we are not able to accurately translate attendance information from Infinite Campus to Canvas, as such our high school teachers will still need to take attendance in Infinite Campus. We have made allowances for this in our back to school training.

The State has integrated FAST and TIER with infinite campus already and tested in districts across Iowa.


While have completed a large amount of work to date, there is still much left to do over the summer.  We will be working to clean up and finalize standards and assessments (local teacher led) for TK-6 in the system.  We will also finish developing and validating report cards BEFORE school starts.  We have begun building some basic reports, and this summer will continue report development as a key focus. There are a variety of other small items to accomplish but all have been scheduled and we do not anticipate any major challenges at this point.

On the 1st of July we will have “rolled over” into the new school year and take Pinnacle offline. The Pinnacle system will be archived in the event we need to refer to this data.


We will have training for office staff members the 30th of July – 1st of August to refresh users on census, scheduling, discipline, reporting, and a variety of other topics. These users have been scheduled already.

Because of a software update issue with Infinite Campus, we were unable to complete teacher trainer training as scheduled in early April.  As a result we will be working with our building teacher trainers on the 5th and 6th of August.  All other teachers will then be trained according the schedule attached separately on the 11th – 13thEach building will have three hours of time schedule to ensure everyone is comfortable taking attendance and elementary and middle school teachers can operate the gradebook.  Multiple support resources are being developed and will be available along with other professional development opportunities throughout the fall.

During the first two days of school we will have personnel on site from Infinite Campus to help ensure a successful launch of our new environment.


At this point we are poised for a successful launch in August when school begins.  Any effort this large will surely have a few hiccups or unintended consequences but we will be working throughout the summer to ensure things are as smooth as possible.

We have come a long way since Pinnacle notified us in May of 2013 of the end of their product line.  I appreciate all the work from our initial selection committee personnel, core team efforts in implementation, and all of our office staff and tech personnel who have had to run two student information system’s over the last several months.  Thanks to their work we are in great shape!


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