FAQ - 13 August 2014

Based on questions everyone had in the first couple days we have met and tried to answer as many as possible.  The items below arenot every question but those that we could offer good feedback to all users with direct Infinite Campus feedback on site.  Thank you for your continued patience and we will update as we continue learning with help from our Infinite Campus partners.  We will provide more updates in coming days. 

QUESTION: Infinite Campus times out after 60 minutes. Can it be set to something longer???

ANSWER: No.   This can not be changed in the System so it will have to stay at 60.


QUESTION: Do all assignments in gradebook need to be named exactly the same by Grade /S ubject or otherwise.

ANSWER: NO. Only 7th and 8th grade common assessments need to be named the same. Further guidance forthcoming.


QUESTION: How should teachers name assignments.

ANSWER: Teachers can name assignments anyway they see fit. It may be a good practice to name in a way that describes the assignment.


QUESTION: What is the default attendance behavior absent or present?

ANSWER: Default attendance behavior is present. However, attendance is not taken until you click save. Otherwise it will show up in the office as attendance not taken.


QUESTION: How should we handle Middle School classes with 6th 7th and 8th students in same class, standards vs regular grading.

ANSWER: Teachers will have to maintain two separate courses, one for 6th grade that is standards based and one that is traditional scoring for 7th and 8th grade students. Building registrar will have to setup courses to break out the 6th grade from 7th and 8th.

QUESTION: Can we only use 4-5 letters to describe assignments?

ANSWER: No.  This is only the abbreviation. The full description can be entered above the abbreviation.


QUESTION: Progress report for home rooms teachers.

ANSWER: The technology department is working on security groups to give permissions to give appropriate access to view and run similar reports. Homeroom teachers will be able to see all grades for all their homeroom students.


QUESTION: Who can see tardy comments?

ANSWER: Any teacher who has student can see the comment. It is also visible on the parent portal as well.


QUESTION: Two teachers teaching same course number can both enter grades and will they merge?

ANSWER: Both teachers will see the same gradebook and have access to the same information.


QUESTION: Can seating charts be viewed in a co-taught class? ie. Reading teacher and Inclusion teacher

ANSWER: When finally setup co-teachers can see seating charts. To date they may not have been finished in setup.  This step will be completed shortly.


QUESTION: Will grade calculations change after the course is already set up? ie. adding a new category



QUESTION: How to do Extra Credit?

ANSWER: Put an assignment in with point value of 0. Then if you get the extra credit for 10 points it would be 10 out of 0 points. This could also be accomplished by given more than allotted points for an assignment such as giving 45 out of 40, etc.


QUESTION: Can parents see comments that are written?

ANSWER: Yes they can.

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